Services and Prices 

Services and prices – My prices vary from $30 - $70/session depending on client program, needs, and situation. My services include 1-on-1 training, 2-on-1 training, small group training, online coaching, and short/long term live in coach. Live in coach prices vary depending upon needs and expenses.



My mission is to decrease the obesity rate and promote a healthy fun lifestyle through encouraging healthy habits, physical activity, and nutritional education among people.

I value Commitment, Self-respect, Education, and Happiness.

I have a passion and love for what I do as a fitness coach. I am currently a senior at California State University Sacramento pursuing a degree in Kinesiology - Exercise Science and a United States Marine Reservist. I carry an American Council on Exercise and I have been certified for almost 2 years. My experience doesn't start just there, I have been working/assisting in private studios, commercial gyms, and military training for over 8 years.

As a fitness coach, I enjoy working with my clients to achieve a common goal together. Your goal, is my goal! I train clients with different goals, I specialize in weight loss. My favorite moments are celebratory ones when my clients hit their small and big goals.

My fitness coaching includes a complimentary consultation where we go over your INDIVIDUALIZED goals and how we are going to get you there. I say "we" because this is a team effort by you and me together! Throughout our sessions together we will go over exercise technique and form, breathing technique, stretches, foam rolling, nutrition education, meal plan, time management, and go over any questions you have.

If I interest you, I highly encourage you to take the next step toward your fitness goals with me by scheduling a consultation so we can get started!

"Making your dreams
Become Your Reality"



Why I do what  I do –

I started in this type of work when I was a teenager. I used to be obese from a lack of exercise as a teenager, I would play video games on the computer all day and night instead. Plus, I would also eat a lot of fatty foods. One day my mom told me she was going to take me to her personal trainer (Santiago Lopez whom owns a private studio in Brentwood, CA 94513 called "Body By Santi"), he changed my life. He showed me how to lose the weight through workout and proper nutrition. He not only motivated me through being a tough teacher, but he was also my mentor and best friend. Once I was in shape, he motivated me to compete in a bodybuilding show, this boosted my confidence so much when I won. At this moment, I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to be like him. I wanted to help people accomplish their fitness goals, and be a mentor (friend) to somebody on their journey. Since then, I have devoted my time, efforts, and study to be the best fitness coach I can be.

Try out a meal plan which is specific to your body, incorporating flexibility within its structure for your body and fitness goals.



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Have a curated workout plan designed for your or your individual fitness needs based on your lifestyle, interests and goals.


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